About Us

Pacific Blue Rent a Car Corporation was conceived and organized in 2003 under Pacific Blue Transport Services Inc., with the main objective of giving clients the best service and exceptional value for transport services.

From an initial contract of twenty (20) units as a concessionaire of NAIA in 2003, after 11 years a gradual increase of 20 units per year with a total increase of 400 units  in 2014 for both rent –a- car and coupon taxi, catering to all passengers of Terminals 1 ,2 and 3 from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport to any point in the island of Luzon and vice versa.

(20 units in 2003 after 11 years gradual increase of 20 units per year increase of 400 units (100% fleet). Download Full Company Profile Here.


Why Choose US?

Better Service We want to exceed our client’s expectations in terms of customer service. We want each journey to be memorable and want to reach every destination safely and securely. We want to treat our clients with utmost respect and to service them with complete dedication and integrity.

Our people

We have a skilled workforce that can the transport service. Our people’s versatility comes from the many years of experience in providing excellent service to our clients which come from the tourism, business, government and private sectors. We are committed to provide you with the best customer service that you deserve.

Our Fleet

All our vehicles are equipped with the following comprehensive management systems:

  • GPS Tracker This helps us locate and monitor the whereabouts of our vehicles. It generates real-time reports such as current location, actual vehicle speed, point-to-point stopover, fuel consumption and more.
  • Dashboard Camera Similar to the CCTV, the dashboard camera is an important means of protection for motorists as it provides insurance and accountability information should accidents occur
Other equipment / tools GPS, Back up Camera and Reverse Sensor, Fog lamps, Fire safety tools like fire extinguisher, Basic tools with EWD and Medical / Emergency kit


We are looking for high-energy, trusted and self-starter individual to join our team!

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To our many customers, thank you for your business and loyalty!